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What would you assume would be the safer to use - sex toys or children's toys?  Well if you're not careful where you put a sex toy it could be a bit uncomfortable,  and other than a random piece of lego lying around for an unsuspecting, bare-footed person to tread on I certainly wouldn't think any kids toys to be dangerous.  Well I've got news for you.  The Swedes have been testing both sex toys and children's toys and it's the kids' toys that have be found to be the most dangerous!  We're talking chemicals here, toys made from materials which contain chemicals that can apparently cause hormonal changes, autism, diabetes and cancer. During testing, 2% of sex toys imported to Sweden were found to contain some of these dangerous chemicals whereas a whopping great 15% of the children's toys tested contained them!  Harmful chemicals are not what any parent would want or expect their children to be playing with, let's hope this is addressed asap!  In the meantime, however, when little Bertie asks to play with his light saber, make sure you don't hand him your dildo instead, might be safer but perhaps not very suitable for a 5 year old! Hannah Hunter toys

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