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To Wax or Not To Wax?

Shaving, waxing, plucking, lasering - it's enough to make your eyes water just thinking about it!  It's not just painful, the cost of keeping you baby-smooth can be astronomical, £40 for a brazilian every 5 weeks, not to mention the full leg wax.  It's just another to add to the long list of treatments we do to keep ourselves beautiful!  But do we do it for us or do we do it for our men?  And actually do our men really prefer us smooth to hirsute anyway?  Well, taking men out of the equation here, a pretty, short summer dress with a couple of hairy legs poking out isn't a look that I would go for, and that's not for any man - I just feel prettier with hair free legs when they are on show!   In the winter however - well that's a different matter, I tend to use the excuse that the hair on my legs is an extra layer of warmth in the colder months, and pubic hair, well - the same applies here!  Advertising and modern society tells us that we must be hair-free, and hair removal is a billion dollar industry so no wonder we are made to feel unattractive if we let our hair grow as nature intended.  However, I asked a few of my male friends how they preferred their women and the answers were quite probably contrary to popular belief, many stated they enjoyed a hairy lady garden, and didn't fancy that baby smooth look - purely because they felt it wasn't the look of an adult!  What a breath of fresh air! Hannah Hunter wax

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