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To freebie or not to freebie………..

Is it acceptable to go for freebies?  Supermodels and film stars do it all the time and let's face it they have the money to actually buy the item in the first place.  A friend of mine is in the middle of planning her honeymoon and contacted a top Bridal magazine to see if they were interested in her story - they were.  So she will be writing up an account of her trip and the hotels and places she and her new hubby visit.  The result of this is that many of the hotels they are staying at have comped the rooms (freebie) and who knows they will hopefully be upgraded to honeymoon suites if they are lucky.  This set her to thinking about the flights , so she wrote to some top airlines who fly the route she and her hubby will be taking and they too are now coming back with various offers of upgrades and freebies.  What a coup and all for a few emails and telephone calls..... oh and an article on completion.  So is she cheeky or savvy?  In this world where PR is so important, it seems that so many things come for free if you are famous and by using the product offer it maximum exposure or if you can offer the firm some good free advertising.  Personally, I think it is brilliant that she has explored this route, but some other friends who married in the last few years are questioning the correctness of doing this as a way to get a top end honeymoon - hmmmm jealous I wonder. What do you think? Kisses K xx

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