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Things not to do in the Boudoir!

Women, especially do their utmost to make sure that when sleeping with someone for the first time, spend a lot of time AND money waxing, shaving, cleaning & washing ourselves to within an inch of our lives, but is all this grooming really necessary from the man's point of view? A large cross section of men were questioned about what turned them off a woman in the bedroom, and guess what?  Not one of them mentioned a hairy leg!  Things that were mentioned were bad kissing techniques; too much tongue/a pokey tongue is never a great start to a budding relationship, this is an age old complaint but there are still people out there (both men and women) who still do it!  Us women do really try to play it cool after sleeping with someone we like, but sometimes a bit of un-coolness comes through which might be interpreted as clingy - and men really aren't keen on a Clingy Caroline.  Come on ladies, do all you can to wait for him to text you first - men often love the chase!  Let's not gag at the sight or taste of semen! It's a perfectly natural part of sex so please do try to embrace the sticky white man juice!  Not giving oral sex is also a turn off, if you're both not in to it then that's fine, but if one is and you're not it's not going to be a match made in heaven - just give it a go, you might just get to enjoy it ... Body odour is a no no, a bit of natural odour is often extremely sexy but an unwashed stench is going to put the kibosh on an sexual antics.  Faking it is fine for a one night stand, but if you're in a relationship & you continue to fake it, rather than guide your partner to help you to orgasm, then you're just not going to be satisfied. So men & women of the world take heed and you might just see an improvement in your sex life!   Hannah Hunter 

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