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The WI, Village Fetes, Preserves and Pickles…..

I have just spent a glorious weekend in the country.  The weather smiled and village life was bubbling.  It makes me laugh how civilised it all seems and yet the girlfriend I was with gave me the low down on what goes on behind closed doors.  We spent one afternoon at a village fete and then sampled the fayre at the local pub.  There was a landowner who was at the fete with his snooty wife, wearing....yes, you've guessed it..twin set and pearls, looking down her nose at one and all (my skirt may have been a bit short for a village affair!).  But talking of affairs this chap has apparently got 2 lovers , 1 in each of the neighbouring villages and EVERYONE knows about it, except of course for the landowners wife!!!  So when she looks down on the peasants they are all laughing right back at her.  The pub has regular lock ins and apparently married couples seem to end up with different partners!  It's all going on in rural England..... Having returned home with a couple of jars of preserves, I got to thinking about how even under the most idyllic circumstances, sin blossoms.  My friend is a gorgeous single girl with a great cottage industry and so self sufficient on the financial side, but even she has had offers from some of the more wealthy (married) gentlemen of the parish of everything from dinners out, a free lodge cottage on the Estate (no doubt for late night visits!) and the most recent offer of being a kept woman if she was happy to move to a cottage in the next village, guess some of these chaps don't want to totally s***t on their own doorstep!  Phew after all that it is a relief to be home, it was exhausting just hearing about all that goes on.  I will never think of those chocolate box settings in the same way....

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