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The Only Way Is A&E

vajaApparently DIY grooming techiques (downstairs..) has lead to a rise in hospital admissions.  How on earth could that happen?  The answer:  Brazilians and Vajazzles!  We all know what Brazilians are, and to educate those of you who aren't well versed in the lingo of TOWIE - Vajazzling is "tattooing" the private areas with crystals.  Now I can understand how a bit of vajazzling and DIY brazilian shaving could end one up in A&E - superglue usage/alcohol consumption/blunt razors and not quite looking where you're shaving could all end you up having an embarrassing chat with a doctor, but when we're under so much pressure to look like the Sahara Desert and not the Amazon Rainforest - what do you men expect?!

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