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The Oldest Conundrum

The Economist ponders the eternal global dilema of regulating the sex industry without behaving like 'nanny-states' but there seems little chance of that without a single nanny cracking the whip. The motivation behind legislation varies enormously, depending on which country you talk to, so there will never be a united opinion about the best route to take as not everyone is interested in empowering prostitutes to be independent. Scotland recently banned Kerb-crawling but it may have been related to their frequently poor weather conditions and incidents of midge attacks, I wouldn't want to work on the streets in those conditions. Attitudes towards women working in the sex industry must change in order for them to have legal rights to decent pay and working conditions just like the rest of us. New Zealand does seem to have the best approach if 60% of their prostitutes feel independent enough to refuse clients, no one should have to tolerate abuse from clients in the workplace but hypocracy is still endemic in most human activity. I also notice that only 4% of prostitutes in NZ feel pressured to work in their industry - that's amazing as I believe that probably 85% of office workers feel pressured into working in their various industries. Does this mean that they are being pimped by the tax man? Do you think we should tell them? For a Las Vegas brothel to be named 'Chicken Ranch' just about says it all! I could only ever work as an Independent escort, It makes me angry to think about how some of these women are treated and hope for the enlightened progress in NZ to begin to filter through to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, I am offering my services to write definitions to forward to the trading standards office once it is agreed that prostitution is a legal trade, as I'm sure certain terms such as 'Blow-Job' will be open to misinterpretation.


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