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The Most Googled Sex Questions

sex The world is at our fingertips when it comes to the internet, we can find the answers to anything and everything we want in a matter of seconds.  Sex.  So much to discover about sex!  So it's no surprise then that Google is constantly being asked about it.  The most regularly searched question about sex is - can you guess?  Yup - it's "where is that elusive G spot?!"  And the second most googled question is "how to make a woman orgasm.".The problem is though, the internet throws up all sorts of theories and opinions so how do you know which one to plump for? It's a mine field out there!   Apparently its only 60% of women who actually have a g spot so it may be academic for some of you men who've been searching for your partner's for years - she may not actually have one! Other questions involve the mechanics of sex with "how to insert a male organ into a female organ" being another popular question appearing in the top ten.  The internet can be great for kids who are too embarrassed to talk to their parents about all things sex, but questions such as " can you get rid of herpes?" and "how do you get rid of genital warts?" are discussions that need to be had with a doctor. Let's just finish on where else the G spot might be, have you ever thought that it might just be between a woman's ears?! Hannah Hunter

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