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Multiple orgasms - they really are that cherry on the top of a sex life for many women.  But are they actually real & if so, how can we attain them?  The female orgasm is the maximum phase in the physiological response to sexual arousal, resulting in any number of reactions from involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles, heartbeat & respiratory acceleration and even emotional responses such as bursting into tears, but of course this varies from woman to woman.  Multiple orgasms occur when a women climaxes several times during one sex session, without a refractory period in between.  Only a third of women experience orgasm regularly during intercourse and another third need extra stimulation as well as intercourse, 26% of these women attain multiple orgasm through self stimulation whereas, interestingly it's slightly less - 25% who get their multiple rocks off through intercourse. Many women (and men) are sceptical because they are so elusive, but there may be psychological or physical reasons to not being able to climax, feeling comfortable in your body is a good place to start you on your road to multiple orgasms.  Don't let your mind wonder!  Focusing on the here & now will be far more beneficial than wondering what you're going to have for dinner, slow your partner down if you feel they are rushing things, relax & don't put pressure on yourself and your partner.  Oh, and of course practise makes perfect! Hannah Hunter

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