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The Bottom Biter!

BUMBITEA female office worker has recently been suspended from her job for biting a male colleague on his bottom.  Now I don't want to come across as a kill joy but unless you have a sign on your bottom like the one to your right - then surely this is something one shouldn't be partaking in in an office environment?  This wasn't a small little nip either, this was a full on sinking your teeth in bite which drew blood and needed a hopsital visit and a tetanus jab!  A fellow colleague has said this was "horseplay which got out of hand".  I should say that this was apparently a predominantly female office - if this was a man doing the biting in a predominantly male office - that man would be had up in court for sexual harrassment. Now I can't be sure, but I do wonder if this young man quite enjoyed the sexual banter that I would imagine could have been quite rife in his office.   In my view what this bottom biter did was wrong - simply because she seemed to have injured him quite badly,  I must say though I do feel a little sorry for everyone - be they male or female; it's all gone a bit over the top with this "sexual harrassment".  A male colleague telling a female colleague they look pretty is definately NOT sexual harrassment - neither is a little bit of flirting, but I think people (especially men) seem to now live in fear of saying anything complimentary to a colleague of the opposite sex,  often a compliment can boost someone's ego and make them feel good about themselves and increase productivity - no bad thing!

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