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The Big Bad Garlic Myth!

Holistic and alternative or complimentary therapies are fantastic for helping to treat and/or relieve symptoms of many illnesses and diseases, and yes, garlic has a whole host of health benefits, eat it every day and you'll be sure to have a healthy heart! However, inserting a raw clove in to the vagina definitely isn't going to help with clearing up a bout of thrush, but this is exactly what many women are doing, and doctors are warning that this could prove deadly.  An old wives's tale is to blame here as it is said that inserting a clove of garlic in to the vagina for 3 days will clear up a yeast infection, but in order for garlic to release allicin - the antifungal stuff - you have to crush or gut the garlic and in all honesty, who wants crushed raw garlic all over their lady bits?!  In reality the vagina is the perfect environment for botulism bacteria to grow, and no-one wants a dose of botulism!  Experts are suggesting that other ideas such a inserting cucumber in the vagina is also not recommended, the best way to keep thrush at bay would be to avoid wearing tight, synthetic underwear & drink plenty of water, but if you do suffer then there are plenty of good old over-the-counter cures for thrush in the form of a medicated cream which work a treat.  Leave the garlic for meal times ladies! Hannah Hunter

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