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The age old question..

What is it that makes some of us choose a partner of our own age?..... some like a younger model...... and then there are others who strictly go for someone older.  I have a friend who describes herself as a mature escort, she's only in her late forties, I have pointed out that's not that mature...honestly!!!  Anyway, she has a following of a fair few younger men who just can't get enough of her, the youngest being 15 years her junior.  So what is it about age?  Do we set out to go for someone of a certain age or is it down to meeting the individual and then not caring about how old they are.  I went out with a guy for a while who was 18 years older than me and he was such fun, the biggest kid I have ever met.  So maybe it is down to the individual. A couple my brother introduced me to had a 19 year age gap, he was 42 and she was 23.  He was the biggest party animal out and so was she, but for the first 3 months of dating they kept their crazy side under wraps - they were crazy about each other and probably frightened it may put the other off.  Of course everyone on the outside thought how good they were for each other as they had seemed to calm the wild side of each others personalities.  Should have known that would never last...  After they had been together for a while they started to revert to type and whad'ya know - 2 party animals together makes for one crazy couple  - they are still together and outdrink, outparty and outsex the rest of us.  Shows that we will always end up with who we are supposed to be with and no amount of pretending can cover our true personality. Kisses K x

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