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Ashley ClarkNow, the rich list is out, which set me thinking - what would you do if you had a billion pounds?? What would I do if I had a billion pounds?? Now, I have been thinking about that, and the more I think and try to imagine... MY MIND IS BLANK! Which is just like my simple calculator - it draws a blank! So it’s just too much for my mind - and for my calculator! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? MONEY IS A BIG TIME APHRODISIAC! And reports by Prince & Associates and wealth experts Hannah Grove show that most of the wealthy people believe that they had a better sex life. It seems the money has led them to have a more daring and exciting life. "Part of having a better sex life is related to being able to surround yourself with people to help you do things in a professional capacity with assistants, they take some of the stress and less glamorous things off your plate and free you up to do things you find personally fulfilling." Now, who said you can’t have it all??

"What do hookers do on their nights off, type?" Elayne Boosler

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