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Students in the Sex Industry

It doesn't surprise me that students are turning to selling sex - in one form or another, to fund their burning-the-candle-at-both-ends lifestyle.  In fact 5% of 6,750 students who took part in this study had had a job in the sex industry.  Surprisingly though, it was men over women who were more likely to be getting involved, which I must say is quite surprising.  Historically it's been women who were associated with selling sex and the men who bought it, but that's doesn't seem to be the case anymore.  With the rise of male strippers, Butlers in the Buff, phone sex etc, men are getting increasingly involved and women love to be on the receiving end too.  Anyway - I digress.. Apart from the obvious motivation of money, 44% said they were motivated by sexual pleasure (bet this was the men!).   However, the longevity of these sex careers weren't too lengthy, more than half only worked up to six months, or less than 5 hours a week. 76% said they felt safe in their work, hmm, this figure is not really not very satisfactory.  I'd imagine more people would get involved if they felt there was less risk involved.  These students often don't let on about their alter egos because there is still a stigma to be involved in the sex industry, a stigma that needs to be broken down somehow.  If an adult - be it a student or otherwise, needs to pay off a debt and can do so within six months of working in the sex industry then I see no problem with that atall.  No-one should be ashamed, there is nothing wrong with making a living in this way - for men or women! Hannah Hunter butlers

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