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We all love a vegetable that looks like a naughty body part - completely asinine but downright funny!  I recently found in my local grocers a piece of ginger root that had the uncanny look of two dogs bonking!  Carrots always look like willies anyway, but when they've got the knobbly bits (ie: the testicles) too, well that is just hilarious! Recently a farmer picked a sweet potato that has got to be the cream of the crop of all naughty veg so far!  It's quite simply a naked bum with a pair of chunky legs attached.  You wouldn't be human if this little beauty didn't raise a smile at the very least!   The farmer who picked it said it was clearly a "lady", but I would say that this pair of legs and buttocks is unisex.  The farmer and his family were adamant they were not going to cook and eat it, and I don't blame him as it would be a crime to destroy this splendid home grown work of art! Hannah Hunter Sweet-

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