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What physical attributes do you find sexy in a partner?  A buff body, piercing blue eyes, a long, thick mane?!  If you said a beautiful smile then you would not be alone.  The phenomenon to create the perfect smile with the perfect teeth in recent years is nothing new; around 300 million years ago canine teeth emerged in pre-mammalian reptiles.   The reason for this was because these creatures were too weak for fighting, so in bid to help the survival of the species these teeth emerged to make them more sexually attractive.   I totally get the attraction of a smile on a human being - everyone loves an open, friendly, happy face, but I'm not sure why this translates to the animal world too, but it does!  To this day there are still several animals which use their canines to either attract a mate or to intimidate, so after nearly 300 million years of evolution I think it would be safe to say that using ones canines have been fail safe way to attract a mate.  We can learn a lot from the natural world around us, so if you're finding it a bit tricky to woo someone you fancy, perhaps give your pearly whites a bit more of an airing and smile more! Hannah Hunterrepsmile

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