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"Tis the season to be flu-ey... " Winter colds & flu spread like wildfire, especially in the workplace, at the first sign of a sniffle in the office everyone tends to retreat from the guilty party, but there's not really any escape!  That goes for commuter tube-travelling, disgusting at the best of times.  Around 70% of us will come down with a respiratory infection this Winter which might take at least as week to shift, so as they say "prevention is better than cure" so best to focus on how to avoid the bugs in the first place. The way to do this is to keep your immune system in tip top condition, and for this you might want to keep on top of your sexual routine!   This is probably the most pleasurable way to boost your immune system, (experts are saying twice a week is the optimum, FYI).  Sex can boost our levels of an antibody called  immunoglobulin A, which can help protect us against nasty cold & flu viruses.  Other ways to keep your immunity up to scratch is to get plenty of sleep, ah, well, did you know that sex releases a hormone called oxytocin which brings us easily to a restful slumber?  Bonus.  Exercising (sex is exercise last time I looked - bonus.), eating lots of garlic is incredibly good for us (OK, so this is the only tip that may not help too much with our sex life - but if you both eat it together you don't smell it on one anther, but don't hold me to that.). So now we are in thick of Winter, why not make the most of the long nights by retreating to bed early & get jiggy with your partner - it's going to be doing so much more good that you realise! Hannah Hunter

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