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Sex & Snoozing

Since time immemorial women have complained that after sex men would rather role over and sleep than have a post-coital chat with their lady friend.  Apparently a new study has proved that men are actually genetically programmed to sleep seconds after acheiving orgasm.  Come ON study researchers!  Men are not robots - or are they?! Well, apparently the "thinking" part of their brains shut down during sex meaning men really do think with their trousers!   But these studies do annoy me, they are such generalisations!  To counter argue - I often fall asleep after having sex when the men in my bed have wanted to chat- and the last time I looked I was a woman.  It is, I suppose of a bit of interest to some, perhaps for men to have an excuse - but does this mean women who do the same are simply lazy?  Where's our excuse please research providers?!snoozy  

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