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Sex O’Clock

sexoclockOh it's another depressing survey!  I was quite shocked when I read that 84 percent of Brit couples admitted that their sex life was boring, and more than a quarter said they were "stuck in a rut".  Brit couples have sex on average 6 times a month - not exactly sex addiction style so surely it's quality we are after - no?!  Most people when asked if they would pay- to improve their sex lives - using kinky toys, films etc said they wouldn't!  Well no wonder you're stuck in a rut! One in 5 couples admit that the passion in their relationship is made by appointment - not the most passionate or spontaneous way to have sex, but at least effort is being put in - and after a few years of being with the same partner, effort is what you need to keep that passion alive.  And it's no myth that the more you have sex the more you want it.  So here's an idea - why don't you lot who seemingly have given up on your sex lives try having sex every day for a week then see where that leads; you may find that you reconnect with your partner and ignite a whole new world of passion! Hannah Hunter

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