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Have you ever wondered why that sexual spark begins to burn out as your relationship progresses?   When a couple first meet and are in the throws of a new relationship, they just can't get enough of each other and sex is constantly on their minds.  After a while sex becomes a "regular" occurrence - let's say once or twice a week, and after another while sex can become minimal.  This can cause all sorts of problems within a relationship, but there are reasons why this slow down occurs.  What happens is this....intense love brings a rush of dopamine into the system which increases testosterone production which in turn brings about a strong libido.  Then as time moves on in a relationship it's attachment that becomes more powerful and this doesn't necessarily trigger the sex drive, so sex starts to slow down; but this isn't such a bad things as if we were always bonking like we did at the beginning of the relationship, we really wouldn't get much else done!   Then life happens!  Stress gets most of us at one point or another and it can take a significant toll on our sex life.  Sex can be hard work, and women especially can feel under pressure to keep themselves groomed - that waxing, shaving and general preening takes time and money you know and sometimes it's just simpler to make an excuse!    Plenty of people suffer from low or no libido from time to time, but to remain connected to your partner - being tactile, affectionate, can all help to keep the libido healthy, so don't lose sight of who you fell in love with!  Kids, we all know they can put the kibosh on any semblance of a sex life!   So it's hormones and life which play a big part in determining our sex life.  So if you don't want to lose sight of your sex life you need to make the effort.  Get those oysters, make a date - whatever floats you and your partner's boat! Hannah Hunter sexdrive

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