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Sex Drugs Danger!

Nothing wrong with sex-enhancing drugs, they've helped many an insecure man to say goodbye to his erectile dysfunction, and aided in re-vamping many a flagging relationship, so they get the big thumbs up from me!  However, a drug is a drug is a drug and must be used as prescribed, or things could get very dangerous or even prove fatal,  and sadly one man in Nigeria has died due to alleged misuse.  The married man was meeting his girlfriend, and in preparation for a raunchy night ahead he had taken perhaps a little too much, of a sex enhancing drug, which apparently has similar effects to Viagra.  After having sex for quite some time, and unable to ejaculate but unable to get rid of his erection he sadly died.  Now, we don't know exactly the cause of death but this is a cautionary tale to anyone thinking more is better.  Just stick to what it says on the tin and you should experience nothing but pure pleasure! Hannah Hunter sd

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