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Sex Doll Brothel

Blow up dolls have come a long way from the days when you'd see Stags and Hens dragging around a piece of plastic, in the crude shape of a male or female.  Sex dolls are increasingly becoming a regular part of many people's lives, and it's predicted that there will be a growing number if "digisexual" men whose only relationships will be with sex dolls.  This is being helped along with the creation of the UK's first sex doll "brothel" which has been created by a sex doll company.  Here, men can come and pay £100 and in return they can spend an hour in a private bedroom with the sex doll of their choice, if they wish to they can then go on to buy a doll for around £2000.  So, effectively this is a try before you buy set up.  But what if the doll isn't bought ? Well simply put it'll be used again, but around 70% of men are apparently not bothered that the doll they're using has been used before; whatever floats your boat!  It's not only men who buy these dolls - many customers are woman who buy them to prevent their husbands from cheating, or to spice up their own sex life.  They clearly have their place but I say you can't be the real thing!   Hannah Hunter dolly

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