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Sex bridging the age gap

Apparently more couples than ever are marrying despite an age gap of 10 years or more. Not wanting to sound cynical but I think we know the motivations (from both parties)of a relationship consisting of an OIL (old, ill and loaded) man and a young, attractive women. What about then, the younger man and the older woman.. Films have been made about this type of pairing and I do know many a man whose sexual desires and fantasies have heavily involved a cougar or two (I have indeed experienced being a cougar myself on more than one occasion). It’s all about sexperience – the one thing the cougar has over the younger girl – bucket loads of the stuff! Those little pups just can’t get enough of it! They learn and flourish and gain in confidence and the younger girls in turn worship at the altar of said pups’ newly found bedroom prowess. Makes sense. But what about when Mr Average on the dole aged 37 gets together with Mrs Average with dodgy hips aged 66? This must be when the “beauty is only skin deep” phrase comes into play. It’s rather romantic really. True love and long may it last!

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