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Separate beds

A couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary are saying the secret to their wedded bliss is separate beds. Now I can see that it’s no bad thing to have space from each other when an argument arises, or if you have a partner who has a dreadful snoring problem, but I’m not so sure that 2 single beds adds towards a healthy sex life. I’m not suggesting that every octogenarian should have a rampant sexual appetite but 2 single beds ? SINGLE beds?! And they’ve had those beds for 40 years! Going to bed together each night with a loved one is something that bonds a couple – a time where you can cuddle up and talk to each other and of course spend year s and years of sexy time together. I can’t ever imagine being in separate beds – it’s cold and unfriendly and I think terribly old fashioned – although I do know of a famous youngish couple who have separate houses with an adjoining corridor – at least they have big double beds when they do chose to sleep together..

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