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Selling one’s Virginity

virgauctWho isn't going to watch this documentary about virgins?  Especially about virgins who are selling their virginity?!  What a show!  Part of this show follows a 20 year old Brazilian student who puts her virginity up for auction. The winning bid - paid for by a Japanese man - was an eye-watering $780,000! Unbelieveable that any man, however weathly, would spend that much on a virgin fuck!  But what a fabulous business transaction - $780,000 for maybe 30 mins work can't be bad really! Of course this will cause no end of controversy.  Is this morally wrong?  Is this right?  This is of course prostitution - selling sex for money is just that.  So is marrying a rich man for money but this is a more honest form of the profession.  People find prostitution in it's rawest form unpalatable but it's probably the people who are standing on their diamond encrusted soap boxes bought for by their husbands who they don't even like, who find it so unpalatable. Anyway - good on you girl.  It's your body, its a quick money making scheme and who knows - she may even enjoy herself!  Isn't there a way the hymen can be replaced nowadays?.....

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