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Sex and Parents

Dear God! To turn on the TV and find my mum in her undies prancing around in a cage and my dad – dressed as Batman, clutching a sex toy would be mortifying to the highest order – but to see this as a 15 year old girl-well the only option is probably suicide! Poor bugger, my sympathies go out to her. I cringe at the thought of my parents even talking about sex, let alone doing it, let alone even more – displaying their sexual fantasies all over national TV! I do feel for this family as the parents in question had been told their faces would be pixelated out by the TV company but they simply “forgot” to do it. Very naughty and probably an enormous fib! I adore watching these eurotrashy programmes and it’s even better when you see what the people look like so I think it was probably a question of conveniently forgetting.

But WHY do we feel so full of embarrassment when the word “sex” falls from our parents’ mouths? For most people I know it’s a massive taboo. Parents are still people who enjoy pleasures of the flesh as much as childless people and it is after all, the reason why we are all here is it not? But somehow most of us just cannot rationalise unless we live in a free love, hippy commune perhaps. Nakedness and sex in less developed parts of the world aren’t taboo atall but I guess in this sterilised developed world we live in “sex” is still a dirty word – especially between parents and children.

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