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Secrets and undercover jobs…….

When I was younger I always dreamt of meeting a dashing guy, who, although I wouldn't know it, would turn out to be a spy or something equally as exciting.  He would be off on dangerous missions to save the world, always return safe but never able to disclose the amazing feats he had achieved, except for the odd wink when the news reported the thousands of lives that had been saved my a mystery hero..... ahhhhh dreamy and romantic...... The sad thing is, there are those out there not being so clever with their secrets.  A bridesmaid was online looking for a sexy stripper for her best friends hen party when she stumbled across the friends fiance on a porn site.  Further investigation revealed the fiance to be a male porn star.  He had told his 'wife to be' he was a personal trainer!  He regularly worked away from home at the weekends supposedly holding boot camps and training sessions for clients - NOT....  Needless to say she called off the wedding even though it was a matter of weeks away.  He was said to have offered to give up his career, slightly too late me thinks. Another similar tale of duplicity, I have a girlfriend whose husband lost his high powered job in the City, thinking he would soon be re-employed and too ashamed to tell his wife, he dutifully suited and booted every morning and pretended to go off to work.  6 months later and having nothing to show for his job search, my friend finally came across the bank statements and the penny dropped.  They are still together and he did eventually find another job, but their relationship has never been the same.  Just goes to show you just never know....Keep your eyes peeled K x

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