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Saucy Resolutions!

We might be into the second working week of 2017, but if you still haven't come up with any new year resolutions there's still time!  Instead of coming up with one that's all about denial which we all know are never adhered to, why not this year make it all about something you love and really want to indulge yourself in - not everything we love is bad for us, so how about more sex?!  Sex is not only fun and naughty, it's also great for health - boosting the immune system, burns calories and is great for mental well being too.  So why not channel your inner 50 Shades Of Grey characters and try something new each month to keep things feeling fresh and exciting - here are a few ideas to get you going....get yourself a blindfold, if you remove your partners ability to see other senses will be heightened!  Talk dirty.  Especially great if you are in a long distance relationship, it can really build that sexual tension until you meet!  Book a weekend away.  Getting out of your mundane routine of kids, washing up and cooking and going somewhere new can be exciting and can revitalise a flagging sex life, and make sure you do this on a regular basis.   Explore the parts of your partner's body you've not explored before; toes and feet are a very sensitive part of the body and you might be surprised at how much pleasure stimulating areas on the foot can be!  Get a few massage candles, sexy scents gets you in the mood, and when the candle's melted you can give your partner a sensuous massage with the oil!  Try a love ring - they are the most popular couples' play thing.  If you don't know what it does, get googling, you'll both get a buzz from it, believe me! Hannah HunterNYR  

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