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Romance isn’t Dead!

A man jumping into bed on a first date obviously needs no thinking about, but for women it does. Drinks at a bar for the first date, restaurant second date, dinner at his house third date, making sure we are wearing our best underwear of course!   Sounds par for the course in my experience.  However, according to a recent survey it's actually the fifth date where 32% of women will head to the boudoir. Out of 2,225 people surveyed only 15% of women would have sex on a first date, compared to 26% of men (I am surprised it's not more, but what do I know?!).  It does seem however, that nobody is averse to a good old fashioned snog - (you don't seem to get a reputation, an STD or an unwanted pregnancy from a snog though) - with 72% of both men and women happy to partake on a first date. Men it seems are coming across as the more romantic sex with a quarter of them saying "I love you" in the first month, and three quarters would say it before their girlfriends, while women wait until the fourth month to say those life changing three little words.  Men are even the first to change their Facebook relationship status!  Has the world gone mad?!  I do wonder though that all this change around is due to women historically being hurt more by their man than the other way around, trust issues probably come in to play here, being cautious and holding back isn't such a bad thing.  But it's also showing that men are keen to get the ball rolling - not just with sex but with commitment too, and I for one am liking this change! Hannah Hunterromance

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