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Role Reversal?

CLEAN!Men who embrace their feminine side and do their fair share of the domestic chores  - rather than just sticking to the manly chores - have a better sex life.  This recent study contradicts another similar study that was carried out on couples who had married 20 years ago, and this uncovered that those men who did stick to the manly chores - and by manly chores I mean mowing the lawn, cutting the hedge and lighting the BBQ - got more sex.  This shows that social attitudes have changed significantly over the past 2 decades, but almost to the point of a gender reversal perhaps? I'm all for my man helping out around the house - bit of cleaning here and there, changing a lightbulb, DIY, but please don't expect me to mow the lawn or light the BBQ - I wouldn't have a clue where to start and someone might get hurt!   Besides, that's my man's job, and men simply mustn't become demasculinised, it's just not sexy, and I would be less inclined to get jiggy with my partner if he started to don a pinny and feather duster and got to work. It's all about a balance,  I think it's important though that men and women have a their traditional roles and stick to them, or society will soon become a very confused mix of people!

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