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Hi there, Immortelle here with some observations and thoughts about shopping and tanning! immo   Anyone feeling like they are in need of some retail therapy this weekend DON'T ! Much better to pull a sicky and go during the week than brave what's left of the summer hungry crowds. I went shopping in Covent Garden and Soho this weekend, Agent Provocateur's new lines are truly drool worthy - which is of course the idea. I am seeing a reg over the weekend. I try to reserve the weekends for myself but this chap is sweet so I really don't mind. The last time he visited London I had just been to have my tan airbrushed on. My regular girl was away getting married (how inconsiderate) and the new one really made a boo boo. Instead of coming out an even golden colour as I'm used to, the results developed into a more Jodie Marsh shade of Tangerine. Actually it was more reminiscent of Jodie Marsh, Jordan and Mrs Beckham having their annual "look I'm oranger than you contest" complete with streaks. No matter how many layers of skin I tried to shed via exfoliating the appointment with my reg had to be cancelled. The poor girl who applied the tan was new and nervous so I decided to save my complaints for a more worthy cause. This turned out to be great thing as absence really does make the lust grow stronger, instead of the normal 3 hours, he has booked me for a full 12 hours. So a hearty thanks must of course go to the Karma fairy, and more importantly the salon's new beautician.


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