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Post coital

I find it fascinating how men and women differ  (generally speaking) to such an extent in their feelings and emotions towards how one should behave after sex.  Equally fascinating - the psychology behind these feelings.  If a man rolled over and went to sleep immediately after a bit of hanky panky, most women could feel a bit dejected and left craving attention.  The attention because the woman could be pregnant and the post coital time could be when commitment is established. Men are more likely to fall asleep first and this could be to do with evolutionary reasons - to avoid any conversation about commitment, as we all know,they are programmed to sow their wild oats.  However if no nookie has occurred it's likely that the woman will fall asleep first - the reason?  The man's primitive desire to guard his mate may be coming into play, or maybe he's just hoping that if he stays awake, she might change her mind about that nookie and he may be in with a chance of a leg over - all makes perfect sense to me!

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