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  Society makes such a song and dance about losing one's virginity - that is must be with someone you love/it's going to be messy/it's going to hurt/it's going to be beautiful!  All these differing ideas could really confuse a young, impressionable man or woman whose about to embark on their first sexual experience.   While chatting with friends about losing our virginity, it was quite worrying about what people were actually expecting (or not expecting) from their first sexual experience!  Some women thought it was going to be a painful experience and that was the main reason why they were holding off, only to discover that it wasn't painful in the least bit - only pleasurable!  Others were taken aback at how painful it actually was.  Some women weren't aware that sex should be enjoyed by both parties, that it was for the man's pleasure only.  Other women experienced orgasm but had no idea what a female orgasm was all about!  Some weren't aware of the amount of bodily fluids that were involved and found all of this quite shocking!  This is why sex education is so important for kids at school.  Everyone should be given the honest and frank facts about the birds and the bees. First experiences will vary but to be given the basic facts and to discuss sex is going to help young adults make an informed decision about when and how they would like to pop their cherry.  Let's stop being so British about sex and start being realistic! Hannah Hunterchez

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