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Pets are NOT for Sex!

Now here's a story to chill the cockles of your heart - yes it's my bugbear, cruelty to animals. A woman has been charged with 3 counts of bestiality, police found videos on her phone of her enjoying a sex romp WITH HER PET DOG!! What a sicko! This 25 year old woman's phone was being checked by police for suspected drug trafficking when they found the three videos. Apparently under the Animal Care Protection Act, bestiality isn't included, so unbelievably she was let home, and with her dog! Why in God's name is this disturbing act not included under this act? In my opinion, this woman is ill in the head, why not just enjoy sex with another human being rather than head off into the dark, murky and disgusting world of bestiality? Disturbing again was that she seemed to have a man go back to her place after she was charged; now why would anyone want to be involved with someone who took part in such disgusting behaviour? Unless he was a psychiatrist of course. No I'm not quite as naïve as I'm perhaps showing myself to be but to be honest I can't quite bring myself to accept that there are actually people who get a sexual kick out of bestiality. Hannah Hunter

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