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Penis Cancer

I'm not going to use an image for today's blog as it's lunchtime and I don't want to put anyone off their food, but this is a worrying story so listen up men!  Penis cancer has risen by 20% in the last 30 years, the main reason for this is because of greater exposure to the Human Papilloma Virus.  HPV genital warts are related to a six fold rise of penile cancer.    However, worringly this cancer is being misdiagnosed as an STD - namely genital warts.  I read about a man who found symptoms of penile cancer but his GP sent him to an STD clinic rather that a Urologist - this mistake could have killed him.  So it's really important to know the symptoms - so go and google them. I'm hoping that this rise in penile cancer will open up a debate about vaccinating boys against the HPV and not just girls.  We now know the HPV causes cancer in both sexes, and penile cancer is no less important that cervical cancer.   So there you go boys, just a nugget of information for you, but a little nugget that could potentially save your life so take heed and be aware! Hannah Hunter  

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