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Out of one game and into another…

I just had to watch Heidi Fleiss going into the Celebrity Big Brother House the other night - What is she thinking!!!  You can understand the page 3 girls wanting to move into other careers or the ex pop/rock/rap stars trying to revitalise their career, but what does she have to gain?  It was fascinating seeing her in the flesh - as one of the world's most famous Madams, she was not what I expected at all...  She moves like and reminded me of Suzy Quattro and seemed arrogant, but as she warmed it became obvious she is actually quite shy - not a quality I was expecting at all.  She is only 44, but I think sadly has had too much 'work' done and because she is so skinny she looks 10 years older than that - either that or life really has been tough!  She has talked about her past a little since arriving in the house and described her set up as unique, sending high class escorts to clients all over the world, give me Cherry Girls any day!  She talks about prostitution as being a stepping stone and not a career - stepping stone to what I wonder, LA is definitely a law unto itself - totally la la... Toodles K x

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