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Orgasms To Drive Your Woman Wild

If you were to be asked how many different types of orgasm is a woman capable of experiencing, how many would you reckon? Vaginal and clitoral - so there's a couple.  So two would be my answer, but clearly I am extremely uneducated in the world of female orgasm as "sexperts" are actually suggesting that there might be up to 12!  If a sexually experienced woman doesn't know this, how on earth is the poor, humble man in her bed supposed to know?!  So let's get started shall we, and jump straight in at the deep end ..... the anal orgasm. And why not?  Popular culture doesn't like to mention the A word very often, but the anal walls have an abundance of nerve endings, making this area one of the most erogenous zones in the body.  Secondly we have the cervical orgasm, known as the full body orgasm as this one can be pretty intense with the pleasure washing all through the body, it's best achieved via deep vaginal penetration. I'd be interested to see if anyone knows of the U-spotgasm ... any guesses? No?  Well, I'll let you in on a little secret - the urethra is surrounded by hidden parts of the clitoris and when this area is stimulated ejaculation - or "squirting" can occur.  You may have thought this was the clitoris being stimulated but it's actually the urethra!  Next up we have the nipple orgasm, stimulating them lights up the same part of the brain that responds to genital stimulation; there is so much that can be done to stimulate the areas around the nipple - using tongue, feathers, teeth (gently please!) and whatever else takes your fancy - this really can be an incredibly erogenous zone but just make sure you take your time over it! Of course there are orgasms a woman can achieve solo, this one though, might surprise you - the Coregasm - brought to the fore by the sexologist Alfred Kinsey in 1953, this can occur when working on your core muscles at the gym - embarrassing perhaps?!  Other unusual orgasms include the snore-gasm, yes you've got it - an orgasm while you're asleep!  Mostly down to erotic dreams I would suggest!  Blended orgasm is where many parts of the body are being stimulated at the same time - you could try this during a threesome.  Multiple orgasms are when you have several orgasms one after the other, or you orgasm several times with a short rest in between.  This can be harder to achieve but boy - when you get there you will be in heaven!!  The A spot orgasm is the anterior fornix exogenous zone - hmmmm, I'll let you look that one up. Each body & brain is unique, there may well be other areas that float your boat so go ahead and explore and enjoy that amazing body you were given! Hannah Hunter

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