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Oh I do like to bonk beside the seaside..

beachsWhat would you do if you saw two people bonking on a beach?  I guess it depends on how much of a pervert you are. . Several people had to decide what to do when they saw just that recently, at 9am, quite close to families with young children.  Her sexy moans and gyrating movements caught the eyes and ears of several on-lookers - one of whom tried to join in (worth a try eh?).   I can't begin to imagine what I'd do if I saw that while walking along the beach with my Dad, apart from cringe almightily! Is it though, so wrong to have sex in a public place?   A beach in Ibiza at 3am would probably be more acceptable and expected.  If they were a little more subtle, under a blanket perhaps and noises kept to a minimum would keep attention at bay.  Outdoor sex is great fun, it's just a child-filled beach in the summer holidays is probably not your most sensible option...

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