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Normal (yet very strange) Things That Can Happen to Men After Sex

Sex… it’s something most men want and actively seek. However, when you finally get it, there’s no guarantee that things will be rosy. Some men experience symptoms after sex that can be surprising - or even disturbing. 

The good news is that most of these symptoms have an explanation; some are fixable with the right approach. 

In this article, we’ll reveal some normal - and bizarre - things that might happen to men after sex, including what you can do about them. 

Let’s dive in. 

Feeling sleepy after sex 

The common belief is that women like to cuddle after sex, and men like to sleep. Well, it’s true. According to a study published by CNN, one of the biggest complaints women make about their male partners is how they fall asleep after sex. 

If this happens to you, it’s important to remember that it isn’t your fault. Scientists point out that men release prolactin when they orgasm, which makes them sleepy. 

While some women might feel tired after sex, they don’t feel the need to sleep like men. 

How to avoid feeling sleepy

If you tend to fall asleep after a sex session, you’ll be familiar with the pain of being greeted by an insulted woman—so how can you avoid this? Well, specialists recommend switching it up a bit and trying different positions. 

When you lie down, your brain associates it with sleep, so get creative and try new positions. Or spend time with a beautiful lady who won’t mind if you take a quick nap. 

Post-coital blues aren’t just for women 

Post-coital blues are a common problem in women, with many experiencing depressive and anxious symptoms after an orgasm—but men can deal with similar issues, too. As Metro reports, 41% of men state they’ve experienced post-coital dysphoria at least once. 

Some men report feeling unsatisfied, while others don’t want their partners to touch them. However, others report experiencing more clarity after an orgasm because they no longer need to have sex, and their mind is clear. 

Dealing with post-coital blues 

The effects of post-coital blues can be challenging, but speaking to your partner and explaining what happens can improve communication between you both. 

Some men might associate their symptoms with not wanting to be with their partner, but taking some time to regroup mentally can help you navigate any negative thinking patterns. 

Flu symptoms after sex? You might be allergic to your own orgasms 

Here’s one you might not have heard of before… Did you know that some men can experience flu-like symptoms after sex. A condition known as Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS) is known to cause a range of symptoms in men after they climax. 

While there aren’t many reported cases of the condition, scientists believe it might impact thousands of men who don’t associate their symptoms with POIS. 

It causes flu and allergy-like symptoms, including: 

  • Feeling run down, chills and a fever 
  • Lethargy, problems concentrating, heart palpitations 
  • Watery or burning eyes that appear bloodshot 
  • Brain fog and headaches 
  • Sore throat, hoarse voice and dry throat 
  • Sneezing and nasal symptoms 
  • Muscle stiffness and tension 

According to MedPage Today, out of 180 men, 85% of men experience POIS symptoms six hours after ejaculation, while just 18.2% stated they experience symptoms immediately after climaxing. 

What causes POIS?

While experts haven’t been able to isolate a clear cause of the condition, some believe it’s linked to an autoimmune or allergic response males have to their semen. However, it’s also possible that chemical imbalances create the symptoms. 

Treatments include anti-inflammatory medicines, medicines that treat high blood pressure and antihistamines. 

Feeling dissatisfied after sex 

For some men, having sex alone is enough—but others might have an orgasm but still feel a lack of satisfaction. Why does this happen? Well, you might feel stuck in a rut or not get the excitement you need from your partner. 

A common misconception about men is they’re happy as long as they have an orgasm, but males need excitement just as much as women. 

Whether it’s missionary mediocracy or being able to find anyone who will explore your kinks, feeling underwhelmed after sex is completely normal. 

Rediscover pleasure 

If your sex life lacks excitement, stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering what makes you tick is a great way to unleash your desires. 

Some males want to let go and try BDSM, allowing a stunning woman to control them, while others might look for a woman who’s as open-minded as them and willing to engage in CIM experiences. 

Whatever your fantasies are, finding a woman who’s willing to fulfil them can help you get your groove back. 

You were hot, but now you’re cold 

So, you meet a woman and know you must have her. After some wining and dining, accompanied by endless charm, she finally lets you come upstairs, and it’s the moment you’ve waited for. 

In theory, you should feel close to her and highly satisfied about your achievement. But suddenly, all those intense feelings become a complete lack of interest. 

Many men lose interest after sex, but why does it happen? 

The chase is over 

Most men enjoy it when a woman plays hard to get, as the thrill is in the chase. When you finally complete your mission, she doesn’t look as attractive. It’s normal for men to feel like this; how you approach it can define your future relationships. 

Getting to know her might reignite that spark, while other men might accept that the relationship was based on thrills and move on. 

The bottom line 

Sex is a tricky business, and once the initial excitement is over, many men experience symptoms. By understanding the reasons behind these symptoms, you can ensure they don’t get in your way and enjoy a healthy sex life. 

Whether it’s post-coital flu, blues or feeling unfulfilled, there are plenty of ways to reignite your libido and not let your symptoms hold you back.

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