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No Sex Please We’re Japanese!

JAPANJapanese culture often seems to have an innocent mien - the every growing Hello Kitty craze and the desire to dress up as cutesy little schoolgirls all add to this kind of culture.  This has come at a price though, in recent years there has been a steady decline in the polulation resulting from people losing interest in sex.  Baffling to many but an even more baffling factor in this is that the rise of the computer game geeks has also given rise to computerised/virtual girlfriends.   Men have chosen to withdraw from the dating scene in favour of taking up "relationships" with virtual girlfriends instead, such as in the virtual game Love + .  One chap interviewed said  he tried not to have sexual feelings towards his cartoon girlfriend as these friendships were meant to be platonic!  Wierd with a capital W! One good thing may come out of this however, Japan is an overpopulated country so this will no doubt help take the strain off certain aspects of society, but behaving like robots really isn't a good thing for the human race, we should behave like humans and that includes having intimate, physical contact to procreate - that's what we were made to do, no?!  

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