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Myth-Busting in the Bedroom

In the playground at school, talk of sex is inevitable.  There's no getting away from the numerous rumours and old wives' tales that do the rounds.  For a young teenager who might be about to embark on his or her first sexual experience - to hear that big penises are more satisfying to a woman could be a really scary thing to hear.  This is also of course complete nonsense!  I've been chatting with some of our gorgeous London escorts about our bedroom antics and it turns out that some of our best sex has been with men who were the proud owners of a below average-sized appendage, and some of our worst sex was with men who were above average sized and, I won't beat around the bush here - flipping massive! I sometimes find the men who are extremely well-endowed can be lazy with it, lying back thinking they're Don Juan, and assuming that us ladies must be forever grateful to be faced with such a ridiculously large trouser snake!  Those of you who think this way I'd like to set a couple of things  straight - firstly, my heart sinks whenever this happens to me, not only does the prospect of having that anywhere near any orifice of mine scares the hell out of me, but it makes for really dull, hard work for the woman, and she will unlikely be returning for a re-match.  Sometimes the penis can be redundant anyway, often all that's needed is a bit of clitoral stimulation and she's half way to heaven! The missionary is boring.  Now I find this statement to be false, so do many of our Cherry Girls who have a lot of experience of escorting in London. It's not swinging upside down from the chandeliers, but I don't believe people actually do that anyway, however,if you're feeling a bit lazy,  hungover or tired but oh so horny, it can be the perfect position.  A little tip for the ladies, pop a cushion under your bottom and this will make it easier to be stimulated.  It's one of the most intimate sex positions between two lovers, being face to face with each other you can have eye contact and tell each other how turned on you're feeling and what's not hot about that?! Too ill for sex? Those pesky headaches can often make the thought of sex quite abhorrent, but sometimes it's actually beneficial to push on through that pain barrier and get stuck in.  Studies have showed that partaking in sex boosts our immune systems, which in turn will help to prevent our headaches - simples! Big feet equals big penis?  Um, no!  There is zero scientific evidence for this, just another shameless lie, but I will just say that in my experience a large hand often does mean a large penis ... Those of you who like to woo their partners with those slimy little oyster "aphrodisiacs" , but actually hate them, well I bring you good news people (and to you oysters), there's no scientific evidence for increased libido by eating them! We've also been led down the garden path with other such nonsense - you can't get pregnant standing up, you can catch STIs from a loo seat, the more sex you have the bigger your vagina becomes, all a load of baloney people. If you really want to know what's what, it's definitely worth booking in with one of our gorgeous Cherry Girls so you can bust some myths yourselves .... Hannah Hunter  

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