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Mouth guard Misery

A Swedish man recently had some issues with grinding (not that sort of grinding - I'm referring to teeth grinding!).  He visited the dentist - as you would, and he was prescribed a mouth guard.   Many people grind their teeth at night due to stress or anxiety, I've even been offered a mouth guard myself.  Pretty standard story so far.  However, this story takes a turn for the worse, while the mouth guard was preventing this man from shortening his teeth, after a few months' use he noticed that another part of his body was noticeably shorter - yes, to his horror his manhood was shrinking, not only that but he was also suffering erectile dysfunction!  Never would anyone have thought that something at one end of the body would be affecting a very important appendage at the other end of the body!  And how would you relate one to other  but shockingly it was discovered that some chemicals in the plastic device was actually doing the damage to his man bits.  The good news is that after he stopped using his mouth guard his willy returned to normal.  Phew!  I guess it wasn't much of a toss up between shorter teeth or shorter penis! Hannah Hunter mouthguard

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