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More Calfornication…….

So the jet lag has really kicked in - more so than ever before, any tips guys and gals?  I am told London Escorts are the best travelled in the biz, especially those on Cherry Girls, well you are a in a class of your own. Next time you're going to LA , try and stay in a hotel on the beach in Santa Monica, can't mention the name (but french windows have them around them).  It is gorgeous and if you're looking for somewhere unique and special to spend time with someone, it cannot be beaten.  On top of fantastic food, amazing decor (done by the designer who re-vamped the White House for the Obamas) the bathrooms are to die for.  Spa baths in all of them with a twist.  Ours had a window opening into the bedroom, no glass just a huge picture window.  I'll leave it to your imaginations what a busty escort can achieve with a scene set like that....cheeky. I have to say my 2 week stint has been amazing and I would recommend California to anyone looking for somewhere to do a bit of a trip without feeling like a backpacker - there are fantastic hotels all across the State and such different things to see and do :- beautiful scenic Countryside on the Pacific Coast Highway, luxurious beach settings and towns with great restaurants and funky nightlife.  I reckon the US guys would love our high class UK Girls..... K x

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