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Money Money Money, Must Be Funny…

asboooWhat do you make of all this celebrity gagging order stuff? I'm 'sort of fantasising' about many hot actors/celebs saying, 'I order you to gag...' (Not sure if he wants me to choke on his sizzling sausage, or to tell him a joke though...haha) Jokes aside...I'm in two minds about all this injunction palaver! Let's be serious for a mo... I couldn't care less about any publically known boys/girls private fun, extra-marital or whatever, but honestly...'they' must be super-daft if they think it won't leak out at some point, as they seem to home in on Obvious Trouble, ie: Goldiggers/Wag wannabees? On you go though...choose life, as is said in Irvine Welsh's book, 'Trainspotting'. Not a happy ending either isn't fair, sometimes it works out for the rich, sometimes it doesn't. Rich and famous? You can keep it. Oh, wait a min...can I have the first bit? : ) Politicians who spout/creep hypocritically about morals and values etc, but also partake behind the scenes, shame on you, that's a different kettle of fish, and no-one is a fan of hypocrisy. There are PLENTY of very discreet ladies around here, who are far smarter, who have more integrity and pride in their muchly unsung profession, and would just like to get on with their lives privately too...the BEST ladies don't want the NOTW on their doorstep, ok?  We don't want to have to move house/country, etc. Not hypocrisy, just  common sense in today's social climate/observations, ie: we're aware that we're not accepted by mainstream (well...behind closed doors, it's different eh?) But there are always going to be dim witted Goldiggers/WAG wannabees/Kiss 'n' Tellers/Bunnyboilers/Greedy 'Escorts', the Bonafide, Reputable, Professional Escort, they are...well, tawdry scum spoilers for the rest of us. Of course I'm biased, but I make absolute logical sense too...our/my future business would be ruined if we squealed, and we DO make more money if we are discreet. Trust is a 2-way thing. But my point is, be a fair/decent associate, do as you would like to be done to/too...? More fun that way. I don't know of one lady who would sell out, but I do choose my associates with care. And so should you. Have I met a celeb?'ll never ever know. That goes for a lot of other ladies too. I couldn't sell someone down The Swannie like that, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. It's akin to being a pimp. I'm not the only lady thinking this way. Listen darlings, if you're gonna pay 4 play, it's a really good idea to not choose the ones chasing fame and fortune (yours) ok? Boys will be boys, we recognise animal kingdom stuff, it's never going to change, and that's why/how I exist, and always will. Love and sex are very different, but nice when you get a double whammy there. Research well, and have fun. We are here to add to your life, not ruin it. Cherry Fakewell-Tart. xxx

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