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Middle Aged Swingers!

swwingA study of a group of swingers carried out in The Netherlands has revealed some rather shocking insights.  It seems that many a bored housewife and indeed house husband are spicing up their sex lives by partaking in drug-fuelled swinging parties.  The average age of the group studied was 49 and it seems from their behaviours that they were trying to relive their youth - not that swinging and drug taking should be reserved for the younger generation of course.  But throwing caution to the wind by not using condoms half the time while having sex with multiple partners, using drugs such as cocaine, MDMA and Viagra (well long periods of having sex, with multiple partners, these oldies are going to need some help!), is not the most sensible of ideas. STI's are on the increase in this age bracket and the scary thing is many STIs are fast becoming antibiotic resistant, and syphilis is not a disease you want to be stuck.  Let's be factual here - just because you may be over a certain age does not make you immune to a drugs overdose or STIs.  I'm all for people getting involved in their sexual fantasies but don't be idiotic about it - use your wisdom to behave in a way to protect you and other people.  You won't have that awful morning after dread of wondering if you've contracted any nasties at the very least! Hannah Hunter

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