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HAPBUSA bus driver was recently video-ed having a rather fun time of it - driving his passengers around New York - one hand on the wheel and one hand on his stick.   Now the only reason we know this is because someone had covertly filmed him and now everyone knows! Was is really necessary to report this horny bus driver?  Of course I don't dispute that this could have resulted in tragedy, but there are plenty of people who drive around using one hand on the wheel aren't there?  Also bus drivers are generally the most grumpy bunch of people I've met, so anything to put a smile on their faces is alright with me! The person who filmed and reported him was a Librarian - now I hate to make generalisations, but Librarians can be quite organised, sensible and dare I say it - square?!  Well they were when I was at school!  Could it be possible  there could have been a bit of voyeurism going on here for their own titilation?  Well if so, this was very selfish - the driver has now been suspended without pay for doing something that wasn't hurting anyone. Hannah Hunter

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