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Making London Laugh

It was my great friends hen this weekend and the 2 girls who planned it came up trumps.  We started with a champagne, cupcakes and strawberries picnic in Kensington Gardens and then a 'Challenge Anneka' style treasure hunt around the streets of Kensington.  Separated into teams we hit the road with our list of challenges.  From getting pictures of us with firemen to finding lobsters!!! the hilarity began.  I have to say that everyone we approached was brilliant helping us fulfil our tasks and I was shocked at how they got in the spirit - who says Londoners are grumpy or reserved...  We were taken to the kitchens of a top hotel to find live lobsters, people in shops let us try silly outfits on andphotograph ourselves, people on the street couldn't do enough to help us and the firemen were brilliant and all but let us drive the fire engines!  And do you know I think it made their day, nothing like a bunch of crazy girls asking for favours.  My personal favourite was when the hen had to ask a handsome stranger for a kiss, she and we were expecting him to give her a peck on the cheek, but oh no he launched right in ready for a full on snog!!!  Cheeky boy - needless to say that one hit the edit room floor.... Catch up later in the week, Katrina X

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