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Does anyone actually enjoy using a condom?  Yes - we know that they're great for preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs, but I can't say I've ever heard of someone enjoying the feeling whilst using them, you just don't get that natural skin to skin feeling which makes the sexual experience a whole lot more pleasurable.  Plus getting the lube out - we've all been there, it can be a bit of a passion killer plus one huge messy faff!  But what if there was something that could feel great but still gives us protection ... queue the self-lubricating condom.  We do already have condoms which come lubricated, but this clever little invention secretes lubrication when it comes into contact with body fluids and attests to remaining comfortably lubricated for 1000 thrusts, an increase of 40% on the older condoms.   Not entirely sure how 1000 thrusts looks like time wise, but for the fitties amongst us this is a genius idea, extending the lubrication period would reduce friction therefore improving the users' sexual experience. A bit of thrusting trivia for you - a man thrusts between 19 and 100 times per minute during sex, this is based on intercourse lasting on average 5.4 minutes with a total of 100-to-500 thrusts, so I'm going to leave it for you to do the maths; however, unless you are in the realms of Superman in the sack & find 1000 thrusts is just the warm up, I would imagine these new condoms are going to take things in the bedroom up a notch or two. We have plenty of gorgeous girls on our website who will be more than happy to try out new experiences with you, so take a look around and see who takes your fancy! Hannah Hunter

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