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Look, No Hands!

we-vibeTurn that man into a livin' breathin' vibratin' sex machine...with this! The 'We Vibe' is a hands free vibrator, you insert it into your ladybits before he slides in...! I have just bought one, and yes...I have had a go...I was by myself though, what a greedy cow! Actually, I got up and walked about with it in. Even made a cup of tea. What a mess, milk on the floor, hot tea splashes on my leg, ouch...don't try it. But do try the We Vibe! The idea of course, is to get some more action on your G-spot and clitoris, but the man is also going to get 'the inside story' too! I have yet to have a good old fashioned rogering with it in... I had it ready, then I just got shagged rotten, and forgot the We Vibe! Well...I wasn't complaining...(much) haha. I will update you when I have had a Wee Shag with the We Vibe...mmm. Cherry Fakewell-Tart xxx

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