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LITTLECHEFWhat do you get if you cross a Little Chef restaurant with a Sex Shop?  I'm not quite sure but I bet a few "sausages" have been eaten in there... A business man is opening up his 4th adult sex supermarket in an ex Little Chef restaurant - it's on the motorway, as we know that's where we could always find those trusty old fast food outlets.  Motoway stop offs do have a certain seedy ring about them though don't they?  Not an expert here but I believe there a quite a few areas around the motorway which are popular hotspots for dogging, so this clever business man seems to have cornered the market here.  You could stop off here en route to a dirty weekend, or even to finish your dirty weekend off nicely.  Also, it's unlikely you'll be bumping into your neighbour/parent/boss in this remote location. I've just noticed that the platter the chubby man is carrying in the Little Chef logo looks like a boob - maybe this means Little Chef buildings were always destined to become places of naughtiness... Hannah Hunter

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